Past and present weave together as a centuries-old Caribbean legend comes to life on the sun-drenched beaches of Curaçao.


From high aloft, JJ's first impression of Curaçao was its incongruous resemblance to the American Southwest – a desert landscape dotted with green brush and terra cotta rooftops, surrounded by sparkling blue water as far as the eye could see.


Exiting the plane into the humid, late afternoon Caribbean air, he paused to drink in the view – a hillside jumble of spiky cacti and outstretched divi-divi trees blanketed with vivid orange, yellow and pink flowers – and something entirely new made the hairs on his arms tingle.

From the diary of Benicio Suarez, 1560...


Wandering about the terrain for some hours led me to question if this Curaçao was the right choice for our new beginning. Again and again, though, we came to high points in the landscape, and the vistas made my heart beat with a joyful hunger for this new island.


In its rhythmic, undulating sweep, I sensed a natural arrangement, an almost musical cadence. A copse of trees here was balanced by an arroyo or a hillock there, while in a cerulean sky above, birds of inconceivable flamboyance darted, dove and sang, engaged in eternal play.

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