Past and present weave together as a centuries-old Caribbean legend comes to life on the sun-drenched beaches of Curaçao.

Praise from Brunonia Barry, New York Times and International best-selling author of The Lace Reader and The Map of True Places:

"Historic, mysterious, and humorous, (The Navigator's Treasure) is a true treasure of an adventure that captured me on page one and hasn’t released me yet. Creating characters who linger long beyond the final pages, DC Monahan has crafted a story that transports the reader in both time and place, setting it in an exotic island paradise that will make even the most jaded of readers fall in love. A must read!"

"The Navigator's Treasure" is a thrilling read, with lots of points of recognition for the inhabitants and the visitors of Curaçao, with a good balance of humor and puzzlement.  I wish the author lots of success with this novel."

                     Jeroen Heuvel, writer & reviewer,
                     Willemstad Curaçao


"As someone who lives on the island of Curacao, I had sooo much fun being able to visualize the characters travelling around the island even underwater! The story line moves quickly even though there are many plot lines occurring simultaneously. I enjoyed the writer's syntax, dialogue, character and scene description. I highly recommend The Navigator's Treasure especially if you can read it on a beach on Curacao. You too can then explore the many places the book visits."

                      Sunshine Livingston, Westpunt Curacao


"I was given the opportunity to preview and review “The Navigator’s Treasure” by David and Cheryl Monahan. This was a pleasant treat! It is not only an interesting adventure, but at the same time historically and culturally correct, fast spaced and well written, with just the right amount of humor and romance in between. It is very plausible there may indeed be some treasures still hidden in the former pirate’s nest of Curaçao and this book might just help you on your way to find them! But the real treasure is of course the island itself, very well described by this knowledgeable pair of authors. Drs. Dirk van Haaren, in Curaçao, on my way to explore some of the places suggested by the authors. I might get lucky!"

                       Dirk Van, Willemstad Curaçao


"DC Monahan sweeps us off to Curacao in the Carribbean, a beautiful island about 40 miles North of Venezuela. This colorful tale is a very successful merging of history, mystery, and contemporary times with just the right amount of humor to give us a comfortable ride through the adventure. Shades of Michner with just a touch of Carl Hiassen thrown in. The characters are both believable and memorable, leaving us wondering what they are up to now. For anyone who loves the Carribean or even just dreams of being there, The Navigator’s Treasure is a definite magic carpet to take you there. Hoping there’s another DC Monahan Mystery in the

near future."
                        Fred and Sue Engelmann,
                        Fresno CA vacationers


"The Navigator's Treasure" was recommended to me by

a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Passed

it on to my husband who also loved it. To me it was a lot like the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and it took

me to the beautiful Caribbean while providing a

thrilling storyline."

                         Rhonda Wesolowski,

                         Tampa FL vacationer


"Having had the opportunity to spend some time in Curacao, "The Navigator's Treasure" is an enticing journey through its history and present day life on this Caribbean island paradise. Once you start reading, you will have no desire to stop until you finish. If you have never been to Curacao, then this story will make you want to go. If you have spent some time there, then you will wish to go back. The author provides the reader with a very engrossing storyline as well as detailed insight into the experience of actually being on the island and its many points of interest. Don't miss this one."

                          Joe W., Newfields NH vacationer


"Love it and I couldn't put it down. Wish I could spend more time with JJ and Grainne."

                         Nancy, Anna Maria Island FL





"...a page-turner...cliff-hangers at the end of every chapter lead constantly to unexpected turns in a nicely structured story...a fine example of a reading adventure."

                          Antillean literary critic
                          Prof. Wim Rutgers,

                          University of Aruba


"Having visited Curacao and reading the book, I found it so fantastic that you could easily be with the characters and join them in their travels. Knowing Curaçao well and all the places/spots described in the book really drew me further into the book, the plots. But even if you've never been to Curaçao, if you've been to any Island, you can get the same feeling of belonging to the adventure.

   I love the different plots that are going along at the same time and how the author switches you to another other plot just when you wanted more. Like when I was a kid and my older brother would come into the room and change the TV channel -- I found myself looking for free time to get back to the story and I am not a big book guy. The author's style was excellent.

I highly recommend that you make an effort to get

this book."

                         Stephen Palma, Dallas TX


"Nicely done in introducing the characters in their own time frames to set the stage for the treasure hunt. Intriguing interaction leading to suspenseful conclusion. Great character development."

                          Lawrence Colwell, Washington NC


"I really enjoyed this book. Interesting characters and compelling story set in an exotic Caribbean locale. An entertaining way to experience some of the history of the island of Curacao."

                           Linda Pitt, Gunnison

                           CO and Westpunt Curacao





Paperback 5 1/4" x 8"

322 pages

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9898622-0-2

Published by Nubble Mt. Press

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